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Realized! Changhong booth at CES 2019 is just opened!!!

Realized booth design at the one of the greatest show in the year: CES in Las Vegas for an important Chinese consumer electronics brand. 

Finally that concept was brought from beginning to the final proposal and main idea of the overall design was to hang something impressive and heavy above the exhibition area to generate a strong impact of a Changhong brand

One of the design features of the booth was a specially designed square module with integrated controlled led that was used to build up the back-lit walls at a significant areas of the booth. The 3-dimensional shape, relief of the module was designed as a Changhong logo and by using milky Plexiglas as a result we had an interesting game of atmospheric  light

On the final design the displays and the product palette was changed many times and look different. But what is more important that Changhong has a great improvement in display design generally, attention to the details and accessories and also nice and stylish materials

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