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Excellent! The Audi colorful CONCEPT

What if Audi brand will follow the strategy chosen for the promotion of Q2 and A1 models. Strategy oriented on young and brave audience an expand that for an entire model range. That will give a new opportunities for a spatial designers to play with brand's colorful image and to recreate a unique communicative spaces to surround Audi cars.

Main idea was initiated by redesigning of the hanged structure of the old audi's proposal but with more urban and industrial style. As a result it gives the impulse to create a completely new proposal based on vertical lines for the upper element and back walls and tilted stripes for the floor graphics

One of the main features of the proposed design is the striped floor graphics based on Audi's piloted driving cars campaign. It follows the design direction given by striped hanged construction and multimedia solution for the back wall. It also fits to the sporty image of the cars and also shows it's innovative internal complexity 

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